Brit TV reporter tricked into sporting armour and goggles to carry innocent koala after being instructed it’s ‘extremely harmful’

Brit TV reporter tricked into wearing armour and goggles to hold harmless koala after being told it’s ‘highly dangerous’

A BRITISH TV reporter was tricked into believing a koala was a deadly ‘drop bear’ – that would kill her at any second.

Debi Edward, ITV Information’ Asia correspondent was fooled by the Australian crew who labored along with her whereas filming on Australia’s Kangaroo Island on Saturday.

ITV Information reporter Debi Edward is tricked into sporting physique armour and security goggles to carry a Koala throughout report on bushfires – after digicam crew tells her it’s a ‘actually vicious’ bear with toxic fangs
Sean Mulcarhy/Fb

Fb Sean Mulcahy

Debi is clearly petrified by the so-called “drop bear” that she was handed[/caption]

They satisfied her there’s a subspecies of koala known as a ‘drop bear’ that has venomous fangs and assaults people.

She was filmed donning protecting armour and goggles earlier than the crew introduced out the “drop bear” – which was, in reality, a innocent big koala.

Sean Mulcahy from Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park spoke to the digicam, enjoying together with the prank.

He instructed the reporter: “The third most typical harm we see from vacationers in Australia is definitely from a drop bear assault.”

Debi then seemed terrified as she was handed the pleasant animal.

She instructed the digicam: “I’ve been instructed that that is fairly a harmful bear, it’s been recognized to assault folks.

“It’s known as a drop bear as a result of they drop out of the bushes to assault folks.

“I’m attempting to not be fearful as a result of I’ve been instructed that he can sense if I’m fearful.

“I’m not fairly certain what it’s doing proper now.”

However because the unwitting reporter begins to panic and squirm, Sean casually takes the koala again from her earlier than the movie crew start laughing.

Realising she’s simply been had, Debi bursts out in a match of giggles, screaming: “You had been kidding me! F****** Aussies!”

The video was launched to lift consciousness concerning the estimated 40,000 koalas which were killed on Kangaroo Island by bushfires, off the south coast of Australia close to Adelaide.

It has been shared greater than 2,000 occasions and comprises a hyperlink to a Kangaroo Island’s Wildlife Park’s GoFundMe web page

The species might quickly be categorized as endangered, as so many have been killed by the bushfires tearing by way of the nation.

The worrying information comes because the nation’s setting minister Sussan Ley stated the animals have taken an “extraordinary hit” in latest weeks.

The wildfires are thought to have killed off a 3rd of Australia’s Koala inhabitants.

Sean Mulcarhy/Fb

Debi quickly joins the crew in laughing ast the hilarious prank, which was finished to lift consciousness of the estimated 40,000 koalas killed by busfires on Kangaroo Island[/caption]

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