Alien invaders may flip asteroids into city-destroying bombs earlier than bleeding Earth dry, professor wildly claims

Alien invaders could turn asteroids into city-destroying bombs before bleeding Earth dry, professor wildly claims

ASTEROIDS and viruses may very well be weaponised by invading aliens hellbent on colonising Earth to bleed the planet dry of its sources, in accordance with a wild new idea.

Professor Paul Springer, from the US Air Command and Employees School in Alabama, spoke to Solar On-line a few theoretical extraterrestrial assault.

The professional, who specialises within the altering face of conflict, mentioned it’s doubtless probes could be despatched forward of the invaders from past our photo voltaic system to scope out Earth.

Renewed curiosity in UFOs has surged following the publication of a landmark Pentagon report in June that noticed the US admit for the primary time there’s something of their skies they can’t clarify.

And the Congress and Senate have now voted by a plan for a brand new devoted UFO workplace to probe the phenomena.

However ought to aliens truly invade, Prof Springer believes they’d colonise planet Earth in an eerie echo of how Europeans colonised the Americas 300 years in the past, with sources bled dry and indigenous folks worn out. 

He informed The Solar On-line: “You need to assume any civilisation is performing in what it perceives to be its personal finest curiosity — they aren’t displaying up as a result of they wish to be benevolent.”

The aliens themselves could be nomadic, he says, searching for out planets with probes in a bid to safe one thing they need.

Earth’s nuclear weapons could be eradicated with lasers or improvised weapons similar to asteroids guided to targets. 

As revealed by The Solar On-line in October a bunch of former nuclear base commanders claimed their nukes have been disabled by UFOs within the 1960s and 1970s.

Prof Springer mentioned this may be a possible state of affairs that will occur throughout an alien invasion. 

He mentioned: “If I needed to take down a civilisation, I’d wish to shut them down and be sure you know I shut them down. 

“So you’ll know, you have been primarily at my mercy. 

“They might be hoping that people will recognise when they’re crushed and settle for the established order.”

Different weapons used, may very well be a tailored virus that simply wipes out the human inhabitants – leaving Earth able to be picked clear.

Or the aliens may use one thing people have by no means even conceptualised.

For years, Hollywood has been prepping the world for an alien invasion, however Professor Springer mentioned the truth may very well be “infinitely worse”.

They might be hoping that people will recognise when they’re crushed and settle for the established order

Prof Paul SpringerThe US Air Command and Employees School in Alabama,

Primarily, he mentioned, earthlings could be confronted with a state of affairs the place an adversary with vastly superior expertise. 

However he added: “It is usually doable that these civilisations which are making contact with us are having to adapt bizarre instruments to be weapons. 

“They might need to adapt what they’ve with them.”

This might embrace guiding asteroids to fall onto targets on Earth.

By way of defence, he mentioned he foresaw two priorities for mankind’s army – whilst it might be massively outmatched.

He mentioned: “One could be survival and seize of enemy expertise/personnel. 

“Survival, as a result of with out forces-in-being you may’t supply a coherent response.

“Seize, as a result of it’s worthwhile to decide their capabilities and potential vulnerabilities. 

“Plus, there’s all the time the chance that they’d worth their very own personnel to such an extent that you just may be capable of open communications.”


Alien invaders will doubtless need sources from planet Earth, Prof Springer says[/caption]


Many specialists imagine aliens won’t essentially have a human-like kind[/caption]

However maybe aliens have already visited and scoped the planet out?

US officers dismissed UFOs on the conclusion of Mission Blue Ebook within the 1960s – stating there was nothing to see.

And but now round 5 many years on the talk has returned and is now being handled as a severe nationwide safety concern.

The controversy which was for many years thought of a fringe and wacky damaging subject is now being brazenly spoken about by very senior figures, together with former President Invoice Clinton and Barack Obama.

US lawmakers commissioned the Pentagon UFO report after a shocking string of leaked movies that confirmed army encounters with objects such because the notorious “Tic Tac”.

And following its launch, Congress and Senate voted by the plans for a brand new devoted workplace to probe the mysterious phenomena.

Questions stay whether or not the objects being encountered by the US are beforehand unknown drones – or maybe one thing extra alien.