Fearless diver dices with demise in jaws of huge killer shark in gorgeous snaps

Fearless diver dices with death in jaws of massive killer shark in stunning snaps

FEAST your eyes on essentially the most gorgeous wildlife photographs of 2021 together with one fearless diver that was even courageous sufficient to grip the mouth and tooth of a large tiger shark.

The profitable shot is amongst a collection of spectacular photographs curated that may encourage you to treasure our planet.


Diver Pieric Sabald was comfy getting near the mouth and tooth of a tiger shark[/caption]

mediadrumworld.com/Simon Needham

Simon Needham captured a 500-pound male lion standing on a hill of carcass bones[/caption]

The unimaginable picture exhibits shark security diver, Pieric Sabald swimming underwater with the 1,200-pound massive predator in competitors for meals.

The exceptional {photograph} was taken by photographer Cam Grant and pal of MooreaMoana Excursions proprietor Pieric, from Moorea, French Polynesia, within the water off Tuamotu Island.

“We have now a spot in Tuamotu Island the place we examine the behaviour of the tiger shark inhabitants,” Pieric mentioned.

“This place is possibly top-of-the-line on the planet to look at tiger sharks.

“I typically calm them by stimulating the ampullae of Lorenzini with my hand. We name that the tonic immobility and we use that methodology to take away hooks that sharks received from fisherman.”

Different spectacular wildlife pictures from 2021 contains one by photographer Simon Needham from Leeds displaying a 500-pound male lion standing on a hill of carcass bones.

mediadrumworld.com/Andri Priyadi

Andir Priyadi captured six dumpy tree frogs sitting on the petals[/caption]


Zebras dip their heads in water, creating an optical phantasm[/caption]

Shot within the South African kingdom, the golden gentle of the rising solar will be seen lighting him from behind.

“The lion solely stood there for a minute or so, however I used to be fortunate sufficient to get just a few pictures earlier than he moved on,” mentioned Simon.

“It was a really thrilling second and one I might have solely dreamed of previous to going there that morning.”

One other of this yr’s most gorgeous wildlife photographs, by Andri Priyadi from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured six dumpy tree frogs sitting on the petals of a dangling flower stem in varied states of rest.

The 36-year-old like to {photograph} frogs.

“I spent round twenty-five minutes observing and photographing these dumpy tree frogs within the backyard of my dwelling. I’m actually pleased with how the photographs turned out,” Andri mentioned.

One other profitable picture exhibits a small group of stripey 850-pound zebras dip their heads to drink from a watering gap, creating an optical phantasm as they’re mirrored within the water’s floor.

It occurred within the Sabi Sands in South Africa.

Different superb wildlife pictures from this yr embrace a triumphant kingfisher bursting triumphantly from the water with the catch of the day in its mouth, and a polar bear curled up on a drifting hunk of ice.


One of many wildlife picture winners from 2021 was of a kingfisher bursting by way of water with its catch of the day[/caption]


A polar bear curled up on ice floating within the Barents Sea, sleeping[/caption]