Unimaginable video reveals ‘world’s hardest’ nice white shark lined with scars & chew marks from years of battles

Incredible video shows ‘world’s toughest’ great white shark covered with scars & bite marks from years of battles

AN INCREDIBLE video captured the world’s hardest nice white shark lined in scars and chew marks after years of explosive underwater clashes.

The large predator confirmed off its battle scars whereas swimming close to the Neptune Islands in South Australia.

The good white shark was seen lined in scars
The 11ft shark was noticed close to the Neptune Islands

The world is thought to be residence to an estimated 1,000 nice whites, but it surely appears this beast is named the highest canine.

The extraordinary clip reveals the wounded shark with lacerations over each inch of its pores and skin, because it dwarfs the small fish swimming alongside it.

Underwater cinematographer Dean Spraakman shot the spectacular footage throughout an expedition in January final yr.

And he revealed regardless of its intimidating look, the 11ft male was extremely “pleasant.”

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Dean stated that his workforce couldn’t be sure of what could have precipitated the shark’s accidents as nobody had come throughout a shark so badly harm earlier than.

The animal lover defined they initially presumed the scars could have been attributable to boat propellers.

One other suspicion was that the massive shark had been caught up within the tuna pens within the space, however they shortly dismissed each theories.

Dean stated of his encounter with the “world’s hardest” nice white: “Nobody has ever seen a shark in a situation like this earlier than.

“We see generally down there the white sharks monitoring stingrays as a result of they hunt and eat them and we thought they chase them into shallow reef areas the place it’s fairly sharp and it’d get caught and trigger that kind of harm.

“You may solely speculate what occurred there and to be sincere nobody is aware of or ever actually know what causes that kind of harm to a shark however the poor man had a little bit of a tough time I feel.

“I seen he had scars on him however I didn’t realise to what size till I reviewed the footage later,” he added.

“He was very calm and coming shut and fairly curious which was nice. 

“He was actually pleasant, simply very calm and wasn’t aggravated from all the things he’s been by way of.

“He got here very shut, inside an arm’s attain from me- generally if you get a superb shark like that, they simply need to come and look you within the eye, simply have a extremely good have a look at who you might be.”

Nationwide Geographic explorer Prof Yannis Papastamatiou additionally weighed in on the subject, suggesting the marks could have been precipitated throughout a brawl with one other shark.

The good white was pleasant and swam near the photographer
The shark had chew marks throughout its physique

The predator behavioral skilled stated: “Females are sometimes closely scarred from mating behaviour.

“However males can get bitten as nicely throughout dominance interactions between sharks e.g. a bigger shark could need a smaller shark and dominate the smaller particular person with a non-fatal warning chew. 

“A number of the scarrings across the face may be attributable to their prey similar to seals.”

The Neptune Islands, the place the shark was noticed, are nicely often known as a venue for excellent white tourism.

The species can attain as much as 20 ft lengthy, seen with Deep Blue the largest nice white ever recorded, weighing in a whopping 2.5 tonnes.

The big feminine was final noticed swimming dangerously near a pair of courageous divers in Guadalupe, Mexico.

The coasts of Australia, California, and South Africa are among the many hottest nice white sharks hotspots however there have been events the predators have been noticed within the Mediterranean as nicely.

Dozens of unsuspecting swimmers have bumped into sharks prowling the waters the world over this yr.

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As of August 1, there have been 55 reported shark assaults in 2022. Six have been deadly.

However one shark assault survivor, who misplaced his arm and his leg, turned ocean activist urged people to do not forget that “we’re friends of their residence.”


Nice White Sharks are often 4.5m (15ft) in size

They’re a blue-grey color on the highest of the our bodies

Robust our bodies and highly effective tails assist the marine mammals swim as quick as 35mph

They keep near the floor of the water, to allow them to seize their prey extra simply

A lot of the world’s Nice White Sharks dwell off the coast of South Africa

Their sense of scent is so good that the sharks can detect the scent of blood from three miles away

Nice White Sharks have a whopping 230 tooth of their mouth – making only one chew deadly