Wild ‘Atlantis idea’ that superior civilisation was worn out 12,000yrs in the past peddled in Netflix doc Historic Apocalypse

Wild ‘Atlantis theory’ that advanced civilisation was wiped out 12,000yrs ago peddled in Netflix doc Ancient Apocalypse

A WILD idea that Atlantis Metropolis was worn out by a flood 12,000 years in the past is being peddled in a brand new Netflix documentary – and it’s inflicting a stir.

Historic Apocalypse claims survivors of the little-known civilisation moved to land the place they went to on educate farming, structure and maths.


Historic Apocalypse presenter Graham Hancock claims Atlantis was worn out by a flood[/caption]


The traditional misplaced cist has captured imaginations because it was mentioned by Plato within the 4th century BC[/caption]

Critics have labelled the Historic Apocalypse documentary as ‘absurd’

The absurd collection is trending within the High 10 within the US on Netflix and already coming in for a wave of criticism.

Archaeologists slammed British presenter Graham Hancock as presenting a world of ‘different details’ stooped in leisure somewhat than onerous reality.

“Hancock got here very strongly and aggressively in opposition to the archaeological group,” stated Flint Dibble, an archaeologist at Cardiff College.

“I used to be shocked at how strongly aggressive this was. One of many issues I’m questioning is that if they’re actively making an attempt to enchantment to a post-truth, conspiracy crowd.”



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And one educational within the present accused the programme of misrepresenting her.

Hancock – who isn’t an archaeologist or a scientist – claims Atlantis was worn out by a tsunami attributable to a meteor strike.

He additionally makes use of each episode to slam the “extraordinarily defensive, boastful and patronising angle” of mainstream academia for not backing his absurd concepts.

“They insist that the one people who existed through the Ice Age have been easy hunter-gatherers,” Hancock says within the opening episode.

“That robotically makes me enemy No 1.”

Dr Timothy Clark from Oxford College’s school of archaeology stated Hancock’s claims have been nothing in need of “absurd”.

“To counsel that archaeologists would fail to contemplate new proof is absurd,” he stated.

“Our interpretations are sustained and constrained by the proof. The collection definitely doesn’t let the proof get in the way in which of story.”

Prof Flint Dibble added: “If you happen to look carefully, Hancock doesn’t ever current any actual proof.

“Only a vary of unfavorable proof: limitless potentialities and suppositions, untested claims, and lots of explanations for why there isn’t proof.”

He stated Hancock’s meteor declare neatly explains the origin of the flood and the shortage of a crater.

ITN Productions, which made the present, defended it vigorously.

“Each reality introduced within the collection was triple fact-checked with authoritative sources,” a spokeswoman stated.

“Graham’s hypothesis primarily based on that proof, is simply that — hypothesis.”

Hancock has written a variety of books on the subject which have been by hundreds of thousands.

He introduced Quest for the Misplaced Civilisation on Channel four in 1998 and featured in a BBC Horizon programme about Atlantis the next 12 months.

The destiny of the traditional misplaced metropolis has lengthy drawn imaginations because it was first mentioned by Plato within the fourth century BC.

Vlogger Jimmy Vibrant bizarrely claimed the ruins of the misplaced metropolis may very well be present in Mauritania in north west Africa.

In his YouTube clip he compares aerial photos of the round Richat Construction within the well-known desert to Greek thinker Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis.

Plato wrote concerning the fictional land over 2000 years in the past – utilizing the story of an underwater kingdom failing to defeat Historic Athens as a metaphor for the significance of a “simply metropolis state.”

Regardless of the concept of an historic underwater world going in opposition to every part we find out about science, historical past and remark sense – conspiracy theorists like Jimmy truly imagine it existed.

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One idea suggests Atlantis was sunk by a volcano off Santorini, Greece[/caption]

The Richat Construction is a volcanic dome which has hardened and steadily eroded to provide its distinctive circular-look.

It’s positioned within the southern a part of the Sahara – the most popular desert on the planet which has low to non-existent rainfall yearly.

In 2016, one other idea advised that Atlantis may have been destroyed by a big volcanic eruption on Santorini, Greece, in 1500BC.

The historical past of Atlantis will be traced again to historic Athens and the 4th century BC when Plato spoke of it in his dialogues.

The Greeks believed it had been a big island located within the Western Ocean close to the pillars of Hercules — their identify for the straits of Gibraltar.

They stated that Atlantis was engulfed when the ocean rose following an earthquake.

The catastrophe is claimed to have taken place over a single day and night time.

The story was definitely taken severely in historic Greece, a lot in order that Atlantis options in two surviving works by the good Athenian thinker Plato.

Within the first, known as Timaeus, an Egyptian priest says the island of Atlantis was big — bigger, actually, than Asia Minor and North Africa mixed.

He claims that round 10,000 BC the individuals of Atlantis had a sophisticated civilisation.

The Egyptian says Atlantis dominated an unlimited empire that took in all the lands across the Mediterranean.

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In a second work, known as Critias, Atlantis is represented in somewhat poetic phrases as the right state — a really perfect political establishment to which man can now solely aspire.

In Critias, Plato additionally tells how Atlantis was initially a part of the dominion of the ocean god Poseidon.


Hancock is a presenter and journalist eager about human pre-history[/caption]

A map displaying the place of Atlantis — within the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and America. The map comes from a e book dated 1678 AD