That is in keeping with a survey (Qandil et al

That is in keeping with a survey (Qandil et al

First: Have there been statistically tall variations within the motive why in the direction of the delaying age of ong Younger Jordanians throughout the Amman due to geographic useful resource due to the check of study?

Impartial T strive among the many causes for put-off matrimony ages (social and financial) model of Jordanian youthfulness for the Amman and geographic supply immediately resolve to strive the evaluation

There exists statistically excessive variations within the contemporary new private components that trigger the contemporary later age of individuals due to geographical useful resource the spot the place the variety of advantages (0.000) which is under (??0.05) moreover the supply of the variations strive owing to the newest rural supplier, with respect to the mathematical medium The place the statistical typical for them is (step three.55) that is greater than new populace of your metropolis the place its statistical typical is (step three.46), just because the brand new outlying somebody however adjust to the usual character of the household with respect to mode situations and you could requirement about collection of a spouse, They assume you to undoubtedly societal causes contribute to model new late chronilogical age of this new husband actually younger adults for the Jordanian society.

As for the financial causes for the most recent late age of ong Jordanian youthfulness, there are variations of statistical relevance due to geographical useful resource, the place quantity of worth (0.016) is lower than (??0.05) and option to acquire the variations was owing to the newest outlying origin, as regards to the analytical medium the place in reality the mathematical common of their eyes strive (cuatro.29) in reality it’s increased than the civil useful resource during which the statistical medium is definitely (4.12) and you could as a result of the truth that the people of your personal countryside its fiscal situations be somewhat extra onerous in comparison with the individuals of this new metropolis by restricted financial affairs it apply along with their significance of social features, and this refers to maybe not per knowledge (Qandil ainsi que al, 2013).

First: Had been there statistically excessive variations within the latest social results of 1’s later ages of man because of the gender of your personal investigation check customers?

There are not any mathematically tall variations in new social results of your personal later ages of man due to gender, the place stage of profit (0.068) is definitely greater than (??0.05), this may be an identification of the social penalties out of postponed relationship age getting younger adults who can be later in-marriage, and due to this fact younger individuals of late matrimony ages inhabit seen societal situations and harm to all members of the contemporary new check. , 2013).

Second: Have there been mathematically tall variations within the new private implications of 1’s late age man because of the ages of the evaluation check?

The worth of F is (six.214) which have a stage of liberty (step three,381) to the societal results of 1’s later age of man through the the diploma of significance of (0.000) that’s decrease than 0.05 and you’ll from the considerably greater than we conclude there exists mathematically excessive variations within the newest social ramifications away from delayed man as a result of a few years.

That there exists mathematically excessive variations within the public ramifications from this new later age of individuals because of the place of quarters the place variety of significance (0

008) that is lower than (??0.05) due to this fact the way in which to acquire the distinctions is related to model new rural inhabitants, as regards to the statistical typical the place it was The most recent analytical medium of their thoughts are (4.24) in reality it’s greater than the contemporary individuals of your personal city the place the mathematical typical was (4.03), and that is because of the reality people of recent countryside, really feel the results extra the people of your city by benefit of their very first public connections, and you’ll comply with heritage and way of life over City dwellers, this actually is just like the info (Qandil, ainsi que al., 2013).